(Tracer) Automatic 3D Tracer
Simply press ‘START’, CVT-700 will automatically scan the frames and lens.
(Tracer) Various Frames and Lens
CVT-700 is an automatic 3D binocular tracer. It can scan different lens shapes and multiple frames materials.
(Tracer) Time-Efficient
CVT-700 is able to scan frame and lens while lens edging is ongoing, which saves time and works efficiently.
(Edger) Automatic Patternless Edger
CVE-700 is an automatic patternless all-in-one edger with 10.1” smart touch screen and built-in software. It combines edging, beveling, grooving, and blocking functions, making lens edging simple and safe.
(Edger) Precise Centering
CVE-700 provides real-time centering aids, making centering lens of different geometries, diameters, and radius of curvatures more accurate.
(Edger) High Curve Lens Processing
Different beveling modes are available to fit the needs of various styles of frames and provides a wide variety of lens edging.
(Edger) Adjustable Width and Depth Grooving
CVE-700 provides automatic and manual grooving function to fulfill highly-customized requirements.
(Edger) Delicate Lens Clamping
To fit different lens coating and thickness, CVE-700 is equipped with force-adjustable lens clamping mechanism.