Unit refraction CT 1000

Simple operation interface provides
with accurate operation experience.
Better Detail For Better Quality
Unit size: 1200mm × 1300mm × 1800mm
Table size: 850mm × 450mm
Small table size: 620mm × 400mm
Drawer size: 520mm × 350mm
Control mode: film button /
phone remote control /
flat panel remote control
Configuration equipment: computer refractometer /
electric cattle eye /
slit lamp /
focus meter
Table rotation angle: 90 °
Countertop left and right movement distance: 400mm
Countertop up and down distance: 150mm
Column (cattle eye arm) left and right moving distance: 400mm
Column (cattle eye arm) up and down distance: 120mm
Chair left and right movement distance: 150mm
Chair up and down distance: 150mm
Chair back angle: 140 °
Chair movement mode: pulley move (optional)
Chair height: 700mm
Chair loading ability: 250kg
Lamp: LED (24V, 7W)
Electric Voltage: AC220V / 110V 50 / 60HZ
Weight: 200kg
Packing: wooden box
Packing size: 1000mm × 1200mm × 1300mm
◆ An automatic and full functional Chair & Stand Unit, automatic
functions are realized in different parts: automatic table moving,
automatic tableboard up and down, automatic column up and
down, automatic phoropter arm.
◆ European smart design style in appearance, which looks simple
and fashionable.
◆ Different instruments can be equipped on it: Auto Refractometer/Auto Phoropter/Slit Lamp/Auto Lensmeter/Trial Lens Set.
◆ Equipped with drawer for trial lens set, enough storge space is
provided with.
◆ Wireless operation ways are provided with, such as Operation
Panel/Mobile Control/Tablet Control.
◆ Leather chair with linear motor makes a quiet operation.
◆ An ideal Combi Unit for eye clinic, hospitals, optcail shops etc.
Automatic table moving: left and right, up and down.
Enough storage space for trial lens set etc.
Tablet Control System: besides operation panel,
it can be controlled by Tablet.
Automatic moving phoropter arm: left and right.
Aluminium Column moves up and down.