All Done by Single Tap
With fully automatic 3D tracking technique, multiple IOP measurements can be done by single tap on the screen. Simply click ‘start’, the examination will begin and the result will be printed out directly.
Large Screen and Touch Panel
The large 8” screen and touch panel is easy to control, making IOP measurement simple and fast. It also makes input, search, and display of the patients’ database easy.
Patient Friendly
The Automatic Air Puff Control System controls the amount of air required for each individual eye. It provides softer and quieter air puff, which makes patient feel less uncomfortable. 
Multiple Selectable Modes
Users are able to select either automatic or manual mode, set 1-3 times of measurements, and adjust IOP range based on their preference and patients ‘needs.
Thermal Printer with Auto Cutter
The measurements can be printed out automatically by thermal printer, and then be nicely cut by the auto cutter.