UDR 900

(Digital Refractor)
Automatic PD Control
Automatic PD setting by the data transferred from auto ref/keratometer and individual PD adjustments by keys
7inch Wide Full-colored LCD panel
The wide (7 inch) full-colored LCD panel offers the high convenience for operator
Tilting Monitor
Operation Panel Monitor tilted to supply the high visibility for the examinee
Convergence for accuracy
For the presbyopia and near vision test, convergence is required for the accuracy
Convenient function key
High-efficient refraction test and fast chart selection

Outstanding Features
– All the machines such as ACP-700, URK-700, and PCs are connected and used by one cable, using RS-485 network method.
– By maximizing compatibility among Unicos products, you can deal with the information about Visual Acuity Test eaily. S/C/A information tested by URK-700 automatically comes out, and you can save this information in Digital Refractor body, only by pressing [LOAD] button.
– A wider and clearer screen on 7” TFT COLOR LCD improves data recognition, so that allowing more accurate visual test possible.
– Lens operation is speedy, and consecutive operation of jog shuttle does not skip any data, allowing more accurate and prompt vision test possible.
– To minimize control power interruption, an auto-shielding function works, when a lens more than ±0.5D operates.
– You can run complex functions easily with SHIFT and ALT keys, and it is convenient to execute various options for test.
– It supports short distance PD (45 ~ 75mm) and short distance work (35 ~ 70cm) to make a perfect short-distance Convergence Test.
– Help files and real-time guide help a fast and easy unit-test.
– It inputs eye-test information without lens operation, and offers PRESET function that put in the lenses at once.
– New programs are always available thanks to easy and fast update of the programs, which uses USB and Serial Cables of the PC.


Spherical Lens -29.00 ~ +26.75 d (for general test)
-19.00 ~ +16.75 d (for cross cylinder and prism test)
(Step: 0.12/0.25/0.5/1/2/3 d)
Cylinder Lens 0.00 ~ 8.75 D (Step: 0.25/0.5/1/2/3 D)
Cylinder Axis 1 ~ 180° (Step: 1/5/15/30/45°)
Pupil Distance Far:48 ~ 80mm/Near:45 ~ 75mm(Step:0.5/1.0mm)
Working Distance 35 ~ 70 cm (step: 5cm)
Rotary Prism 0 ~ 20 ∆ (step: 0.1/0.2/0.5/1/2∆)
Cross Cylinder Jackson Cross Cylinder 0.25D, Jackson Cross Cylinder 0.50D, Dual Cross Cylinder
Retinoscopy Lens +1.5D, +2.0D (Test Distance 67, 50 cm)
Power Supply AC 100 ~ 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 140VA
Auxiliary Lens
Open/Close Lens  
Pin Hole Lens ø 1.0 mm
Moddox Rod Right eye (Horizontal red), Left eye (Vertical red)
Red/Green Filter Right eye (Red), Left eye (Green)
Polarized Light Filter Right eye (135, 45°), Left eye (45, 135°)
Separating Prism Right eye (6 ∆BU), Left eye(10 ∆BI added to 0~5 ∆)
PD Test Lens  
Fixed Cross Cyl. Lens Jackson Cross Cylinder 0.50D, Axis fixation 90°
Vision Degrees 32°