ULB 900

Wide capacitive LCD screen with intuitive UI
The 10.1 inch LCD capacitive touch screen, with pictograms
Fast and accurate scanning
Fast lens scanning (0.5sec) through precise contour tracing with high resolution camera and brightness adjustment.
Accurate Blocking
Various marking icons for each lens type support accurate blocking.
Convenient Data management and S/W updating


BLocking Function Method Imaging of reflected image
Maximum lens diameter 80 mm in diameter
Display 10.1 Inch Full Color LCD Monitor, Touch panel
Blocking accuray position ±0.5mm
Axis angle ±1º
Blocking pressure 2.5kgf ±0.5kgf
Layout Range. FPD 30.00 to 99.5 mm
PD 30.00 to 90.00 mm
1/2 PD 15.00 to 49.75 mm
Optical center height ± 9.95 mm
Size adjustment ± 10.00 mm (Diameter)
Optical Tracing Equicalent sphere [-1D ~ +1D]
Camera magnification X1, X2
Measurement range ø 30 ~ 80