UPE 900

(Patternless edger)
All edging parameters are adjustable via the intuitive operator’s interface. The large Color Touch Screen(8 inch) offers a clear understanding of the edging program.
The lens
The lens shape can be easily modified to fit a optician’s needs. One interesting feature is the possibility yto check the availability to re-edge an already edged lens to fit a new frame.
The built0in safety bevel0grooving function could be ajustable by the operator who can simply modify all parameters(width, depth) using the color touch screen.
UPE-900 uses only the best mechanical and electronic components which will guarantee a bvery high level of reliability even in very demanding environ-ments.


– 3D Patternless Lens Edging for Lab

– Grooving & Chamfering

– User Friendly Operation

– OMA compliance 


Mode Mineral / Organic / Hi-index / Polycarbonate / Trivex / Acrilic
Finishing. Bevel-Automatic
-According to lens / Frame base curve
Mini bevel(mini 0.6mm)
Rolishing bevel and rimless
Lens capacity Mini 17mm
Maxi 80 mm
Built in Software Shape modification -Up / Down, Temporal/ Nasal, Annular
Re-edging already edged lens
Interface PORT 1 (Selectable) -RS232C : For PC or Lens Edger
-TCP/IP : For internet server
PORT 2 (Optional) – RS232C : For Barcode reader
Power Supply AC 100V – 240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 1KVA
Dimension / Weight 580 (H) X 440 (D) X 400 (H) , 36Kg